Microsoft Excel Questions With Answers

Question 1). What is Microsoft excel used for?

Answer: Excel is an impressive magical tool to calculate any data whether is small or big. It has many features to handle the database in numbers and for text content as well.

Let's do a small practice like if we have small data or content to put in an excel sheet to calculate or work on, though it provides cells, rows, and columns to add more & more information in it as per our requirements.

Here we can see an image of what the same how does look like.


Once we open an MS excel it shows so many cells and rows, after seeing it we might get excited or confused as well like how we going to use it but there is nothing to worry about it.

Let’s learn the basics first about it so we will not get any issues while we work on it because if we get complete knowledge about it, we can enjoy working on it rather than be disturbed.

So let s first its interface below in an image.

This picture clearly shows some tabs at just the top of the image. This image that we can see above it has some tabs and we can see these tabs mentioned with names below to quite understand what exactly they are.

1). FILE

2). HOME




6). DATA


8). VIEW

Now here we have to understand that it depends on us like how many tabs we want in total however currently we can see that we have eight tabs above in the image. We can make or add more tabs through the developer tab.

At this moment, let us check another page below for better and good learning.                                                     

2ndstep is now we see again some options in the image above that we have here.

1). INFO

2). SAVE









 On the right-hand side, we see these options below in the image


2). OneDrive

3). This PC

4). Add a Place

5). Browse

The fourth step is straightforward here, let's see an image below for the same.

This sheet has more than 1 million cells or rows, which is quite good or impressive, and we need to appreciate Microsoft for making such a helpful tool for users.

In the excel sheet in left side corner, we can see here we have numbers that start from 1stto 1048576 and on top, it starts in alphabets from “A” to “XFD”

That is a basic thing about an excel sheet now if we want to add any data to the sheet, we have columns and rows in it and can customize it. 

If we want to create a workbook or excel then we can do this below that we did below.


In the HOME tab, we have these many options that we can use to customize our data as per our needs. we can put our data in colour and filters or whatever we want from this HOME tab and can apply these settings to make our data better to understand and attractive too.


We will learn here few things from this tab, which is quite simple and lovely to know.


In-Page Layout

We have several options or features to use, Print command also comes under this Page Layout tab and that is also important because sometimes we need to take a print of the workbook so in that case, we can use it.


In formulas, we have some functions for basically financial, text, logic, math, etc. Let’s check the image below.


In the same way, we can see the next tab named DATA   and which has many functions to use like finding duplicate values etc.


In this tab, we get these features as mentioned below in the image. Once we going to start working on these options, we will get to know the importance of these features and understand them too.


In this tab, we have some features like page break and zoom options and the most important is Macros. Macro is one of the most powerful tools in MS excel and how do we use it, let s understand that now but first we see these options in the image below.

Macro:- This tool we use to make our work burden as slow as. If we do any repeated task in excel again and again then we can use this tool to record the session of the excel workbook and play it. It will complete the job, as we need as per our choice.  It works well and it’s very helpful when we have too many repeating tasks to handle in an excel workbook.

So here we discussed all the basics things about MS excel like how it starts to work on it and what these options as tabs are available in it.

Microsoft Excel is like magic power that we got from Microsoft INC.

We can learn more about it and can learn all these basic functions practically.  Many people are teaching MS excel online and offline and on YouTube and anyone can take free classes on YouTube.


Some of them are providing paid classes also but this different thing so if anyone wants to learn for free, they can also do it from YouTube.