How to create feedback form using Google apps.

Google Forms – It is a kind of tool which helps us to get information from users online in an easy way, it could be used on Google spreadsheets too which is progressively useful to get to any gathered information or data effectively. Clients can put their data, for example, pictures, sound, recordings, and documents in inaccessible arrangements like PDF, MS Word, and so on. 

How to Create feedback form using Google apps.
Feedback Form


The first requirement is to create this feedback or survey form or collect any kind of information from users or anyone through Google a Google account is a must. We simply have to create first all a G-mail account which we usually use for accessing emails and any other documents for sharing or any professional work.


Before sending it to someone or after creating this form, we have a choice to check it as a preview on the top right corner, and we can make some changes in settings as per our choice like if we want to give access or option to make changes after submitting this form then we can give that to the user who will be receiving it.

How to Create feedback form using Google apps.
Feedback Form

Google Drive

Once we click this DRIVE then we will have these options appeared such as Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Apps, and many more. For better understanding let us check the images below and that what all options would be found hereafter by clicking this Google Drive.

How to Create feedback form using Google apps.
Google Forms

So after clicking this MORE we will have Google Forms in again we have 2 options Blank form and from a template so let us click this 1st option for creating this form.
All Ready Now

Presently we have a stage where we can create any feedback form online and further can go and make some changes too which is called the edit tab.

How to Create feedback form using Google apps.
Survey Forms

Themes Changes

So now here we can simply go and create this Google online format free of cost and collect any information from anybody online.

So now, for example, we made this form by the name of audici and just below it we can start to make this form without any issues, We wrote the first option as Name and 2nd one could be created in that same way by clicking that + symbol.


Now as we can see in this image above that we have many options to use. Look at the right corner at the top, we got 3 dots that we can click and find many more features in it. Let us go through them first.

1). Undo

2). Make a copy

3). Move to bin

4). Get prefilled link

5). Print

6). Add Collaborators

7). Script editor

8). Add-ons

9). Preferences

Undo – Let's suppose we did some work in this form and we check that later and decide that the last was better than the one that we made now, so in this case, we can Click “undo” and this will again make changes in the forms that we had before, means we will have the same work that we wanted to get back.

Make a copy – This option is a good one here in that we get to make a copy of this form which means we have the option to save this form as a copy in our drive or in anywhere on the computer. Look at the image below.


Here we have these options to perform like

1). My Drive

2). Computer

3). Shared with me

4). Starred 

That we can use them to save or make a copy in with these options.

Move to the bin – If we click this button will delete the work we did in the form but then we get another screen also which will show 2 options as 



 As we can understand with their names that all we can do to use these options so we can use these options to delete the form but still, we have a choice to come out of the bin or go to the forms home screen.

Get pre-filled link – This link can be used by any other user, He or she can click this link to check this form online.

Print -  This button gives us the option to take a print of this form from here but make sure the printer must be attached to the computer to take a print otherwise this feature will not work at all.

Add collaborators – This option is amazing here, it means the form we are making, can be shared by other users also at the same time with their emails and links, we have also an option to make them an editor which means they can also make changes in this form as we are giving them permission to work or edit this form on. Let us check in the picture below that what image will appear after clicking this Add collaborates.


In this image, we can see in the right top corner a symbol which can be used as a function for settings. If we click this button setting then it shows us the next screen where get this image. Check it up first below.

It clearly shows that the editors we made can change the permissions and share it with others, People who can see this form, can download this form and take prints.

Script editor – This feature is a development platform that makes it fast and better in n easy way. This option is for coding editing that will be on the Google server.

Add-ons – Google provides many add-ons that can work with forms here 

1). G-suite,

2). Form notifications,

3). Form ranger and etc. 

Preference – This button works as a setting in the form that can allow collecting email addresses and etc.

We can create this kind of form for getting any information from any user online. When users will send this form back to us after filling it then it will have appeared in only the same Gmail account G DRIVE as RESPONSE which we already have with QUESTION in the top centre.