How to unprotect excel sheet

Excel Sheet Protection With A Password – Securing any excel sheet with a password is the most common thing, If the excel sheet is password protected then it feels safe and so good because no one can make any unwanted changes in the file. If anybody tries to open it then it asks for a password first to unlock it and if you do not have a password then it can not be unlocked. 

How to unlock an excel sheet without using a password

Excel Sheet Protection – Securing an excel workbook with a strong password and then how unprotecting this excel workbook without using any VBA coding, Macro or any software is the task here, we will descriptively learn both cases. First, let us understand it with an example.

Unprotect Excel Workbook- But later on, I got out to know that I forgot a password that I made so know how to unprotect this excel work file because this workbook will not be opened up now without that password at all. In this case, of course, I need to put a password in it so that it cannot be changed or no changes can be made in that file by anybody. So this would be highly secure or prevent unwanted changes.

Excel Sheet Protection – So in this case now we will learn here that how to remove this password from this excel works or unprotect it from a password.

Any software OR VBA coding NO, We have to use neither any software nor any macro coding, and etc. Let us learn how to remove this password from our excel workbook. This will be an easy way here to

unprotect excel sheets without using any software, macro coding, or Password.

Protect Excel Sheet

That's how it looks like above In the image as shown so first, we will learn here how to
protect this sheet from unwanted changes by someone.

First, we go to the REVIEW tab in excel and go to the CHANGES box there we have three options Protect Sheet, Protect Workbook and Share Workbook let us click the first option which is PROTECT SHEET and how it will look like after clicking it, shown above as it gives multiple options to protect the sheet which mentioned here below now.

How to unprotect excel sheet
How to unprotect excel sheet

Ways to protect excel sheet

  1. Select Locked Cells
  2. Select Unlocked Cells
  3. Format Cells
  4. Format Columns
  5. Format Rows
  6. Insert Column
  7. Insert Rows
  8. Insert Hyperlinks
  9. Delete Columns
  10. Delete Rows
  11. Sort
  12. Auto Filter
  13. Use Pivot Table Reports
  14. Edit Objects
  15. Edit Scenarios
The options we mentioned here mean all these options will be allowed other users to work on this excel sheet.

1st Example - Such as if we allow someone to make changes through Edit Objects then other users who have access to this excel sheet can make any changes in the excel sheet.

2nd Example – Let’s say we allow another user to make changes like Insert Column means that the user can only do this job nothing else apart from this.

3rd Example – Let’s say we allow another user to make changes like Insert Hyperlinks means this user can insert any hyperlink in the sheet which can be songs or anything like any data or any website means anything & etc.

So ultimately we can protect our excel sheet, workbook or any particular cell in a column or row. Other users can make changes only if we allow them to make them in an excel sheet otherwise sheet will be highly secured or protected with a password.


Unprotect Excel Sheet – Now the question is if we save the excel sheet after putting a password and forget the password then What will be a solution to Unprotect the excel sheet?

1)- Question – Do we need any software to install on the computer to remove the password?

Answer – No, we do not need to do it. We can remove the password and use it without any software or coding.

2)- Question – Do we have to use any kind of macro coding to remove the password?

Answer – No, We do not need any macro coding for it, We can simply remove the password and will be good to go from a single step HERE.

3)- Question – Can we remove the password with any software or macro coding?

Answer – Well it can be done from any software or macro coding as possible but we have the option to do it without this software or macro coding work.

Unprotect Excel Sheet

Let us UNPROTECT EXCEL SHEET without a Password or any Software here.

1). We have to make sure this is an XLSX file. If you do not know how where to check file extension then best google it else watch the video here.

2). We need to save this file from XLSX to a ZIP file.

3). We have to extract this file now and it will make another folder after extracting and we have to open that one, we can rename it in a ZIP file only.

4). We have to open this new folder and find another file by name of XL in it then click this file and now we will have another file by name of Worksheets click it we have 3 files in it and whatever is protected with a password, Take a cursor on that and do right click and open it in WORDPAD or NOTEPAD.

How to unprotect excel sheet
How to unprotect excel sheet


5). We have to find PROTECTION in this file and there is short coding which starts from <SheetProtection ---- to =”1”/> this kind of code we will find in that sheet and delete it and save now.

6). We have to go back to that folder to all files we have and send them to the desktop in ZIP COMPRESSED FOLDER then we will have another file We have to change the format from zipping to XLSX and save it.

7). We finally have the same file without a password opened and are good to go now. That is how we can open the excel sheet without using a password.