How to convert PDF files in ms word

   How to convert PDF files in MS Word

The PDF file has a full form and that is Portable Document Format, This format was invented or developed by Adobe in 1993. That is the most trustable format to use Because it is highly protected and also can be secured with custom passwords. It has a variety of containing text and images also not only flat text. So let us learn how important is it for us nowadays and important to use it also.

PDF to MS WORD without any software

Here we will discuss the benefits of this pdf file format and also go through the reason for the invention.

NOTE – It was made to share as a secured document which can not be edited by anyone and it will be a safe and trustworthy document to use. 

Let us take an example here to understand it in a better manner.

Suppose I want any file from someone or my client and I want him or her to send me that file in a way which can not be edited once I get it. That needs to be the final one.

I want to feel safe after getting that file like now I got it and nobody can make any changes to this file, not even me also So that client also will be feeling safe and sure that now it can not be even changed by anyone.

In this case, the PDF file was alike the most trustworthy file format because nobody was able to make any changes in this file format after saving it into PDF as the final one. That s why it was invented as the most usable file even though it is still the most important file format that we use nowadays.

EDITABLE WORK IN PDFAs this film was made in a format that can not be edited but nowadays, Multiple software is launched by many companies which can make changes in this pdf file format, not in all pdf files but yes in a few pdf files of course.

Question - Now the question is why we can not make changes in all pdf file formats if we use this software?

Answer -  Well the answer is YES we can make changes in pdf files but not in all pdf because many pdf files are designed with different formats and passwords. The only way is to make a change in these files to know the password to make changes else no way at all.

Question -  Is this software paid to use?

Answer -  Well, it depends upon the company that launches this software in the market use, they can also provide it free or maybe there is a charge for using it. We have to figure it out or we can say that we need to explore it.

Question – Is there any other way to edit PDF  rather than software?

Answer – Again YES, There is a way to make the changes in a few pdf files without using any software. And the name of that thing is Google Drive which can be used to make changes in pdf files.

Question -  What is Google drive?

Answer -  Google drive is a tool which is launched by Google INC but we can use this tool only if we have a google account and a google account can be made easily on google.

Question – Is google drive free to use to edit pdf?

Answer – Yes, It is completely free to use but as we discussed above that we need t have a google account first to use it so simply sign up on google and make an email address and we will have google drive to use.

Question -  Can we use google drive to store our data also?

Answer -  Yes it is free for a certain condition, we can store our contacts, any data, and audio and video clips in a limited way.  

So now we learned a bit about the pdf file, and how to make changes with the software but now we will discuss here how we can use google drive to make changes in pdf file formats. Let us go through it here below.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file which was introduced to ease the sharing of documents between computers or laptops and across multiple internet-based devices or Operating system platforms when you have to save the file but can not be modified and that you can see, explore, print, or forward to someone else. However now days converting PDF files in ms word is an important function. 

MS Word – Microsoft Word or MS Word is a graphical Word Processing Programme and it has been made by Microsoft so that users can type anything they want and save that file as per their chosen name. Microsoft office has many tools which are available free of cost to use. 

Question (1) –So how to convert this PDF into a word file so that we can make changes to it.

Answer (1) - Well nowadays there is multiple Software which could be used or installed to resolve this issue. For Example – Acrobat, etc.


Question (2). -Without using any software, How do we convert it to an ms word file?

Answer (2) – It could easily be done or we can easily convert this PDF file into a Microsoft Word file even though without any software now how are we going to do it, Let us explain here in detail.

1). First, we have to log in to a Gmail account in any browser on a Computer (Can be done on a phone and also in a desktop version but preference will be for a computer or Laptop).

2). Now simply go to the Google search bar and type there Google Drive or if you know to reach google drive in Gmail the account then go to MY DRIVE.

That will look like this after opening it.

How to convert PDF files in ms word
How to convert PDF files in ms word 

3). Now the next step is to drag the files you have on the desktop or anywhere on your computer to MY DRIVE and Upload them.

4). Once it gets completely uploaded then simply Select it and do press right-click from the mouse and click OPEN with GOOGLE DOCS.

How to convert PDF files in ms word
How to convert PDF files in ms word 

5). Now, this file will be easily opened in Google Docs then go to FILE which we have on the top in the left corner as the first Tab and click DOWNLOAD as MICROSOFT WORD and all is done successfully.

How to convert PDF files in ms word
How to convert PDF files in ms word 

6). Now we got the same matter and everything is the same from that pdf file in the MS Word file.