How to export whatsapp group contacts in excel

Nowadays WhatsApp is playing an important role for smartphone users. In smartphones, we have many apps to use that fulfil our daily needs whether it is about making online chatting, calling, video calling, making a payment, entertainment and etc. It has become a big online platform for business and entertainment and other multiple jobs today. Now here we will learn how to Export WhatsApp group contacts in excel easily.

How to export whatsapp group contacts in excel
How to export WhatsApp group contacts in excel

WhatsApp Use – As we also WhatsApp for business as we already discussed in the short above but if we talk about business that creates online leads that work through WhatsApp nowadays. Creating leads for any business via WhatsApp is trending nowadays.

Whatsapp Types :

1). "Personal"

2). "Business"


WhatsApp for personal use – We can use it for personal use as like talking to our friends, colleagues, family members or anybody via chatting, calling, or video calling. We can also use it to make online payments. That means we can say,  It has become a big online bridge between us and our contacts.

WhatsApp made our life too easy in terms of getting in touch with our contacts or anybody. It is a good social platform where we can explore many things. It has 2 more cool features that we can use.  Let us get to know about them also.

1). Messages Broadcasting

2). WhatsApp Group 

1). Messages Broadcasting – We can add the phone numbers of our friends or family members in WhatsApp and create a broadcasting list. After that whenever we want to send any particular message to everyone then we do not need to send them one by one separately. Although we can simply add those contacts to the broadcasting list and send that message to the broadcasting list and it will be delivered to everyone.

And whenever they want to reply or do a revert, we will receive their messages in our personal message box, which would not be visible to all members who are added to the broadcasting list?

2). WhatsApp Group – We also have a feature to create a WhatsApp group where we can add anybody (those who all have WhatsApp also) in the WhatsApp group and all can do chat altogether, we can also make group calls or videos calls, All messages will be visible to everyone whoever is added in the WhatsApp group. There is also one nice feature by name of emoji that we can also use in group and personal WhatsApp messages too. We can also share any website or any web link in the group even audio and videos too for entertainment purposes.


1). WhatsApp for business use – We can use it nowadays to create online leads for the business. Multiple features are available for our business tools. But here we are talking about the most amazing features.

1). Broadcasting Messages

2). Business WhatsApp group

1). Broadcasting Messages – As we already discussed this feature above is for personal use,  So it works as same here for business purposes also.

That means we can add our client’s phone numbers to our business broadcasting list and send them any particular message in the list and it will be sent to everyone in their personal window. We also have a feature here where we can share any web link, audio, or videos in the group for business.

2). Business WhatsApp Group – We also discussed this feature above and it also works in the same way. We can add our client’s phone numbers to a group and any messages we can put in the group will be visible to everyone and anybody can revert to those messages in the group. WhatsApp allows sharing any business web link, audio, the video also as per our choice.


“WhatsApp use for personal & business in MS EXCEL.”

Now we are talking about here that we can use this WhatsApp for our personal and business purpose too. For Example:-

If we have contacts in our excel file then how can we transfer them to WhatsApp that means how can we add them to WhatsApp easily?

So now here you can figure out how to send out all WhatsApp gathering contacts in exceed expectations by a few stages as it were. 
  1. Open your WhatsApp in your computer’s browser.
  2. Go to the rundown of contacts in WhatsApp means gathering and snapping on it.
  3. Once you take your cursor on the top of the WhatsApp group centre will show you all names of contacts that are listed in the group do not take your cursor until you see all that data like your unsaved and saved contacts in there otherwise it will not work.
  4.  Press the right click of the mouse on it and click INSPECT, Now you can see all your data as contacts then again press the right click of the mouse and click copy elements and paste it to the excel sheet’s cell.

Now we have received all data from the WhatsApp group to excel.

Here we have to remove unnecessary data like text or replace it with blank by using the find & replace tool in the HOME tab in the EDITING box in excel. Once all text will be deleted when we have only numbers left with maybe a comma or country code something like for the USA it is - +1 and for India +91 so on.

 Simple steps – 

Now select the cell in which you have all data of numbers and go to the DATA tab in excel.

How to export whatsapp group contacts in excel
WhatsApp group contacts in excel

If you click the text-to-column option then it will split all numbers in a column from a row with country code and etc.

If you want to remove the country code, is good otherwise select the cell again and do it here with the help of the FIXED WITH and DELIMITED options.

How to export whatsapp group contacts in excel
Export WhatsApp group contacts in excel

If still numbers are not separated from the country code then there is another option to remove it. Use RIGHT FORMULA in excel and numbers will be separated.  

Look at the preview box to set it up and numbers will be separated now which can be used as the final, all done easily in excel.