Best tips and tricks about excel

Sometimes, About excel seems too good to be true. All I have to do is enter a formula, and pretty much anything I'd ever need to do manually can be done automatically. Need to merge two sheets with similar data? Excel can do it. Need to do simple math? Excel can do it. Need to combine the information in multiple cells? Excel can do it. Here we will learn much more about excel.

Best tips and tricks about excel
Best tips and tricks about Excel
If you experience a circumstance where you have to physically refresh your information, you're most likely passing up an excel that can do it for you. Before putting in a really long time checking cells or reordering information, search for a convenient solution on Excel - you'll likely discover one.

In the soul of working all the more proficiently and staying away from dull, manual work, here are a couple Excel traps to kick you off with how to utilize Excel. 

How to use excel - (Step by Step)

If you are just a beginner learning about excel then there are a few basic tips mentioned here below:-
  1. How to create a spreadsheet from scratch
  2. How to do basic computations such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and diving into spreadsheets.
  3.  How to delete single columns, rows etc.
  4.  How to add things like new columns and rows.

Create a Spreadsheet:- About Excel

1.     First we have to open a spreadsheet.
2.     Now look at the top in the left corner there are rows and columns A1 and B1.
3.     If you notice then every column has a capital letter to show what column it is.
4.     Each row has a number to show what row it is.

5.     Now we can type something in cell A1 or B1 such as anything.

For Example:-

Tips and trick about excel
Ms Excel

Now you see here Column A cell has item and B1 has cost like this we can create any data here by using these cells.

 Basic Computation like adding and subtracting etc. – About Excel

1.     Add – it is like adding numbers all together like it may be sum or count in excel.

Tips and tricks about excel
Microsoft Excel

1.     Subtracting – It is like a number has to be deducted from another number in excel.

Tips and tricks about excel
Microsoft Excel

That’s how we got this value after subtracting here.

Delete columns – About Excel

1. To delete any column, we have to select the column and press the right click from the mouse and click the delete button which is shown in the small dialogue box.

2.     Either we can delete the column by using the keyboard as well, Press CTRL+(-):- Select the column and press these keys altogether and will be deleted. 

Tips and tricks about excel
Microsoft Excel

3.     In the same way rows also can be deleted anyway.

Adding new columns and rows – About Excel

1.     For Adding new columns and rows, put the cursor where we want to add a new column or row and press right-click from the mouse and it will give us the INSERT button to add a new column or row.  That s how we can easily do it.

2       Another way also there to add new columns and rows, through the keyboard, it can be done too. Press CTRL+(+) altogether for adding a new column or row in excel.

When we talk about basics or advanced of Ms excel then there are a few functions which could be added here from base to top means from basics to advanced like Vlook-up, Pivot-Table, Conditional Formatting, Data Validation, Left & Right function, Sum, Sumif, Sumifs functions, Count, Count, Countif.

Vlookup is basically used for finding a value in any data or huge data vertically. This is the most important function or feature of ms excel that we of course need to learn.

In the same way, we use Hlookup also to find values in any data in excel Horizontally. 

The functions we are talking about here are the best features of ms excel which make users like magicians work in excel, Users can easily play with any huge data if he or they know better about at least these functions to use as mentioned above.

Dashboard in excel is an interesting feature which could be used to summarize any huge data in excel.


All we need to do is go through from the basics to advanced ones to be an expert in excel.